Seafood, Steak, and Desserts at Burwells in Charleston
Seafood, Steak, and Desserts at Burwells in Charleston Our Award-winning culinary team has one mission: To provide you with the finest steak, seafood, and desserts Charleston has to offer.  

Our Menu

  • Premium Aged Beef
  • Local Sides and Accessories
  • Fish and Farm

Premium Aged Beef



When it comes to steak, you won't find a better one anywhere. All of our beef is above prime, perfectly seasoned, and cooked either on our woodfire grill using three different woods for flavor or seared to perfection at your table on our signature 700 degree hot rock. All steaks and sides are al la carte.

Traditional Cut & Highest Grades *

Sustainable Farming Partner for Burwell's

Burwell's Exclusive

SRF Wagyu Filet Mignon

BMS Score 10+ Best in USA

8oz | 68

Filet Mingnon Two Ways

8oz Served two ways:

1) Filet Oscar Style

2) Mushroom Bordelaise

(2) 4oz | 42

New School Butcher Cuts *
Wagyu Hangar Steak

BMS 6-8 (Above USDA Prime) 
10oz | 39

Wagyu Black Flat Iron

BMS 6-8 (Above USDA Prime)
8oz | 37

Burwell's Specialty Cuts*

Bison Ribeye

12oz | 51

Traditional Cuts*

Served a la carte.

Wood Fired Filet Mignon

Aged 28 Days
8oz | 39

House Cut Prime NY Strip Steak

Aged 45 Days
12oz | 41

Prime Ribeye

Aged 28 Days
16oz | 48

SRF Wagyu Burger

Provolone | Burger Sauce | Pickled Onion | Sauteed Mushroom | Aged Parmesan Fries 16

Rare: Red Cool Center | Medium Rare: Red Warm Center | Medium: Pink Warm Center | Medium Well: Hot Pink Center

Local Sides and Accessories


Local Sides

Parmesan & Herb Fries 5
Farro, Andouille, Brussels 8
Breakfast Sandwich Mac & Cheese 8
Mashed Buttermilk Potato 6
Mepkin Abbey Mushroom 9
Green Vegetable 7
Farmer's Market Vegetable 9


Whiskey Peppercorn 3
Bernaise 3
House Steak Sauce 3
Bleu Cheese 3

Fish and Farm

Seafood and Other Proteins


Pan Seared Fresh Catch

Soy Sherry Broth | Seasonal Squash Tagliatelle | Baby Bok Choy 32

Seared Diver Scallops

Carrot-Ginger Puree | Fennel Salad | Blood Orange Sea Salt 32

Broiled 1/2 Lobster Tail  24
Full Lobster Tail

Green Veggie & Local Potato Mash | Also Makes any Steak - Surf & Turf 42

Joyce Farm Chicken

Ham Stewed Lentils | Brussels Sprouts | Parsnips | Olive Oil 26

Pork & Beans 

Sous Vide Pork Tenderloin | Speckled Butter Beans | Herloom Tomato | Root Beer Reduction 28

Braised Lamb Bolognese

Tomato Braised Leg of Lamb | Pecorino | Basil | Vincotto 24


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