Craft Cocktails
Craft Cocktails We are just as passionate about our drinks as we are our food. This is Charleston, after all. Cocktails are a form of art.  

Craft Cocktails

Craft Cocktail List


Burwell's "Letterman List" - Top Ten

Hey, it's why we're famous for our food AND beverages... it's in the details!

Spring Fever 9.9
Tito's Vodka | Elder Flower | Lemon
Fresh Juiced Strawberry and Cucumber

The Standard Mule 9.9
Russian Standard Vodka | House Ginger Beer

Tom Ford 10.9
Lunazul Tequila | Calamansi Juice
Yuzu Juice | Vanilla Simple
Cilantro Salted Rim

Blueberry Mint Smash 9.9
Reyka Vodka | Ginger Liqueur | Lemon
Fresh Juiced Blueberry and Mint

Can't Touch This 9.9
Shellback Spiced Rum | Prickly Pear Cactus
Pomegranate | Ginger Beer

Berry Bubbly 8.9
Svedka Citrus Vodka | Elder Flower
Sour | Champagne | Berries

Amelia Earhart 10.9
Vanilla Vodka | Lavender | Lemon
Creme de Vyette | Sparkling Wine

Peppered Cucumber 11.9
Hendrick's Gin l Elder Flower
Pepper Syrup | Cucumber | Pomegranate | Lime

I'll Take Two 10.9
Vanilla Vodka | Espresso Liqueur
Godiva White Chocolate | House Brewed Coffee

Seasonal - House Crafted Cocktails

Smoking Apples 9.9
Applejack Brandy | Bourbon
Unfiltered Cider | Bitters | Laphroaig Rinse

Pear Knuckles 10.9
Double Cross Vodka | Pear Nectar
Cinnamon | Vanilla | Pear Shrub

Great Escape 9.9
Lunazul Tequila | Amaro di Angostura
Blackberry | Agave

Southern Elixer 9.9
Cathead Pecan Vodka
Housemade Artisan Tonic | Lime

Steakhouse Classics

Double Cross Vodka Martini 11.9
Double Cross Vodka | Carpano Bianco Vermouth
Truffle Bleu Cheese Stuffed Olives

Barrel Aged Manhattan 12.9
Barrel Rested Bourbon | Punt e Mas Vermouth
House Bitters

Burwell's Negroni 10.9
Botanical Gin
Aperol | Punt E Mes