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Kobe vs. Wagyu - Explaining the world's best beef

There are countless places in Charleston to get a steak. Smaller in number are the places who make a great steak. Rarer still are the places you can go to get the best steak money can buy. In the world of beef, there are two heavyweights. Kobe and Wagyu. This is it. The top of the mountain. The end all, be all. One steak to rule them all.

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Whiskey 101

There are a lot of whiskey drinkers in Charleston, and we'd be willing to bet that most of them don't really know a whole lot about their favorite friday night fix. Many people just happen accross one in college and stick with it. Others learn from their parents or grandparents. Whether it's Jack & Coke, Makers neat, or Dewers on the rocks, there is something unique and delicious about all of them. Read on for a closer look at a few different types of whiskey, and we'll even throw in some cocktail suggestions you can try that bring out the best in each.

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