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Things to do in Charleston over the Bridge Run Weekend

Cooper River Bridge Run

2015 is ramping up. Springtime in Charleston is always an exciting time, and not just because you know summer is on its way. The events and atmosphere in the city are what make you wake up in the morning, take a deep breath of pollen and pluff mud, and smile because it's about to be a great day. We started with SEWE, took a break, and then killed ourselves with Charleston Fashion Week. Those were appetizers. They were our pre-game warmup. The real Charleston summer starts now. It's Bridge Run time, and here's how to make it a weekend you can't forget by enjoying many of the fun things to do in Charleston.

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For Wine Lovers Only

From 5-7pm on Friday February 6th, Burwell's will co-host a very special "Happy Hour" featuring all of DAOU's portfolio as our Happy Hour wine and at prices half off the normal menu price. Join us and taste $50 wines for just $7 a glass and sample some of the more exclusive wines shared by Georges Daou himself. This Happy Hour is open to the public.

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A New Year, A New Website

2015 is here, and what better way for us to start off the new year than the launch of our new website! Our old site got the job done, but we decided we needed a site that would be as beautiful as our restaurant. Something that could really showcase our food and atmosphere while also allowing easier access to our menus, wine list, and reservations. Dig in, and feel free to leave us any comments you may have at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Love the site? Let us know! Hate it? Let us know what we could do to improve!

Kobe vs. Wagyu - Explaining the world's best beef

There are countless places in Charleston to get a steak. Smaller in number are the places who make a great steak. Rarer still are the places you can go to get the best steak money can buy. In the world of beef, there are two heavyweights. Kobe and Wagyu. This is it. The top of the mountain. The end all, be all. One steak to rule them all.

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Whiskey 101

There are a lot of whiskey drinkers in Charleston, and we'd be willing to bet that most of them don't really know a whole lot about their favorite friday night fix. Many people just happen accross one in college and stick with it. Others learn from their parents or grandparents. Whether it's Jack & Coke, Makers neat, or Dewers on the rocks, there is something unique and delicious about all of them. Read on for a closer look at a few different types of whiskey, and we'll even throw in some cocktail suggestions you can try that bring out the best in each.

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